Case Studies

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service

In late 2011 Nicola Starr, Performance and Planning Officer for Warwickshire Youth Justice Service, was looking for a provider of Motivational Interviewing training to provide coaching on a range of tools and techniques to help case managers better engage with the young people they work with, to increase the likelihood of them successfully completing their orders and ultimately prevent the risk of reoffending.

ignition was already working locally, training ‘early adopter’ Warwickshire Health Visitors in Motivational Interviewing as a core skill to the delivery of the Healthy Child programme (please see case study).

Word of mouth referral

ignition were recommended to Nicola for the quality of the MI training, and in New Year 2012 Nicola commissioned the company to deliver 4 one-day courses of Brief MI: Facilitating Offending Behaviour Change for 50 staff working with young offenders in Warwickshire.

The course included:

  • Core reflective listening OARS skills of MI
  • Key strategies including rolling with resistance and developing ‘change talk’
  • Essential principles

Comments from participants include:

“The concept of the whole process is a really good approach when dealing with clients”

“I always enjoy courses more when they are interactive as this was! It’s really important to have the theory that underpins the knowledge, as was provided here”

“Very useful and will take away lots of knowledge”

“I liked most the chance to practise, but all of was relevant to my practice working with parents and young people”

Nicola Starr, commissioning the training, said: "This training was delivered to our entire staff group and the feedback was very positive. Our staff felt the trainer was very knowledgeable and that there was a very good balance between practice and theory, finding the role plays particularly helpful. After the training our staff felt more knowledgeable in the subject area and confident to put their new skills into practice."

Overall evaluation showed 100% of staff rated the training at Satisfied or ‘Very Satisfied’, with an average rate of 65% of participants feeling‘Very Satisfied’.

2014 update

The Ministry of Justice 'Data Lab' recently showed that a WYJS intervention aimed at violent crime in young people "led to a reduction in re‚Äźoffending of between 2 and 24 percentage points."