Consultancy Services

Bespoke Training Design

Ignition bespoke consultancy packages combine expertise in Motivational Interviewing and communication, facilitation of change and experiential learning to:

  • Teach concrete skills sets
  • Increase staff confidence in using skills
  • Enable transfer of learning to the workplace

A current example is Live Scenario training for a local authority client where delegates build on Motivational Interviewing training provided by Ignition and encounter absolutely work-specific scenarios, applying the MI skills, with company Associates in role as social services clients.

Every learning experience is absolutely responsive to delegates’ identified learning aims, and structured around these aims. The level of challenge increases over the period, as skills are consolidated and delegates are supported in going further and further into their stretch zone to develop skills and confidence.

Please contact us to discuss what requirement you might have for a bespoke training package.

Motivational Change Management

Motivational Interviewing provides an effective skills and clear value base for facilitation of change and reaching clear outcomes and objectives at the individual level.

It also provides a systemic ‘big picture’ or ‘vision’ model at the organisational level for any sector, and is relevant to:

  • Senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Team leaders
  • Frontline staff

Ignition motivational change management consultancy can provide the ‘big picture’ to help an agency:

  • Create a sense of respect and being heard in the workforce
  • Work productively with resistance to change
  • Develop shared goals and values
  • Create motivational supervision & appraisal processes
  • Ensure a consistency of values and approach at all levels
  • Deliver concrete skills to the workforce to ‘live the values’
  • Improve morale

Please contact us to discuss your interest in a bespoke change management programme.