Domestic Violence & Abuse Training

Gender Inclusive Work

Ignition intimate partner violence and abuse work is based on gender inclusive research. This means understanding that:

  • Abusive behaviours are not gender-specific, though there may be gendered effects
  • Abusive behaviours vary widely in frequency, harm and direction
  • Victim and perpetrator roles can be fluid
The Gender Inclusive Continuum

Strengths-Based Perpetrator Work

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based approach to developing change in situations and around subjects where any such conversation is likely to be extremely ‘difficult’ and unwillingness to discuss change or relevant issues is likely to be high, yet particular issues or concerns must be addressed. It is particularly applicable to intimate partner violence and abuse and entirely compatible with wider ‘restorative’ approaches.

Ignition MI training provides concrete, effective skills to engage and facilitate change in individuals (male or female) behaving abusively within intimate partner relationships, protecting victims and improving children’s lives by helping perpetrators to change. It is a respectful, non-judgemental and strengths-based way to:

  • Create genuine engagement and working alliance
  • Work productively with resistance
  • Promote disclosure
  • Develop realistic change plans
  • Achieve sustainable change

The MI approach is at the heart of our successful intervention programmes and provides an underpinning platform of effective skills, concepts and vocabulary to work with perpetrators of intimate partner violence and abuse either one-to-one or in groups. We offer a range of programmes that include motivational interviewing.

Motivational Risk Assessment

Risk assessment should be an intervention in itself, promoting change and not just ‘assessing’. Ignition motivational risk assessment training for intimate partner violence and abuse equips staff to:

  • Focus on engagement
  • Increase disclosure of risk relevant information
  • Decrease resistance


The RADAR risk assessment instrument gives a clear and defensible estimate of risk of assault when used in conjunction with a motivational approach, mapping changes in:

  • Dynamic risk factors
  • Levels of culpability, responsibility and remorse

Please contact us if you would like to discuss training in the RADAR or Motivational Interviewing for perpetrator work.

Empowering & Supporting Victims

Victims of intimate partner violence and abuse (male or female) often feel extremely lacking in confidence about making changes in their lives or relationships. Just as Motivational Interviewing (MI) is effective in facilitating change with perpetrators, so it is in working for change with victims, giving staff skills to:

  • Create a safe, supportive, ‘containing’ relationship
  • Make sense of traumatic experience
  • Empower victims of violence and abuse respectfully and effectively
  • Help them regain the self-esteem and confidence to make choices and take control of their lives
  • Work collaboratively for change and not ‘take over’

Please contact us to discuss your interest in motivational work with either victims or perpetrators of intimate partner violence and abuse.

  • Training offered in-house at your agency
  • Minimum 8 staff
  • Dates arranged at your convenience
  • One, two and three day core training plus skill development training available
  • All training supported by full course manual

Getting Out Of The Chair

Ignition offers a wide range of training in powerful and engaging experiential or ‘action’ techniques for work with intimate partner violence and abuse perpetrators and victims; please see our Applied Drama / Theatre Training section.