Violent Offenders

Motivation and change in violent offender work

Ignition programmes combine the evidence-based respectful, approach of Motivational Interviewing with effective experiential methods demonstrated to be effective with offender populations.

Programme support pays full attention to programme integrity and responsivity.

Ignition: Engagement - increasing treatment readiness SPRING 2014

Engagement and formation of a working relationship, lowering the need for defensive resistance and developing an individual's own motivation for change are essential to successful outcomes in violent offending.

Ignition: Engagement for violent offenders is a brief intervention which:

  • Builds on proven programme success in related areas
  • Helps individuals accept responsibility
  • Enhances motivation for change
  • Can increase suitability and readiness for treatment
  • Begins the process of moving to action and goal setting

Two programme variants will be available, combining Motivational Interviewing with offence-specific materials to work either:

  • One to one
  • Group settings

Ignition: Engagement can act as a 'stand alone' motivational preparation for treatment intervention, with accredited violent offending programmes such as ART or CALM. Motivationally, the aim is to increase treatment readiness, moving an individual through 'contemplation' and to the jumping-off point for 'action' , rather than assuming they are 'ready to change'.

This will increase the effectiveness of existing treatment interventions, saving time in the long run.

Our programme training packages provide:

  • All programme materials, management & full theory manual
  • Integrated package of training & support
  • Training offered in-house at your agency
  • Dates arranged at your convenience
  • Trainee numbers negotiable

Please contact us to discuss your interest in this programme.