Dr Mark Farrall - Expert Witness Service

Psychological assessment and risk assessment for intimate partner violence and abuse

Being an Expert Witness goes well beyond having an expertise in a particular field. Since Jones v Kaney solicitors are going to be much more careful about their selection of Expert Witnesses.

We always look for experts who can demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of Practice Direction 35, Pre-Action Protocols and of course CPR Part 35, are able to produce court compliant reports and give evidence in court.

Steven Murrell - Litigation Solicitor - Macfarlanes LLP

Dr Farrall is trained in the Expert Witness role and holds the Cardiff University-Bond Solon (CUBS) Expert Witness certificates in Civil, Family and Criminal law proceedings, ensuring:

  • Up to date awareness of and compliance with Part 35 Civil, Part 25 Family and Part 19 Criminal Procedure Rules and responsibilities regarding the Expert Witness role
  • Prepared for cross-examination
  • Report structure clear, logical and meets all requirements
  • Absolutely clear cost estimates and accounting in line with LSC rules
  • Minimal delays and efficient, timely filing of reports

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When To Instruct

Dr Farrall provides an Expert Witness risk assessment service for Family Court, in any public or private family law case where there are allegations or findings of domestic violence and abuse, and contact or residence is at issue. CAFCASS will often conduct an assessment in such cases, but as a senior CAFCASS officer states:

[We are] social work experts on the impact on the child, but experts in the social work 'child care' bit, not the domestic violence.

For Criminal Courts, recent legislation on non-physical forms of domestic violence and abuse (Serious Crimes Act 2015, Part 5, S 76) raises difficult issues in determining intention and harm on the part of alleged perpetrators and victims. A defence is allowed if it can be proved that A believes they are acting in the 'best interests' of B. Ascertaining these issues in light of contemporary research on motivations for intimate partner violence and abuse is likely to require expert psychological input.

Benefit To The Court

Dr Farrall brings the following expert benefits to the Court:

  • Empirically-based report founded in research
  • Report format and structure fully compliant with all legal requirements
  • Efficient use of time and clear costs

This combination enables the instructing solicitor or barrister to have confidence in all aspects of Dr Farrall’s performance, making cost effective use of Court time and helping the Court to reach the most appropriate decision.


Dr Farrall has supplied an article on Instructing A Domestic Abuse Expert to The Review, the magazine of Resolution (formerly known as the Solicitors' Family Law Association). The text of this article can also be found in our Document Library.