Sexual Offenders

Motivation and change in sexual offender work

Ignition programmes combine the evidence-based respectful, approach of Motivational Interviewing with effective experiential methods demonstrated to be effective with offender populations.

Programme support pays full attention to programme integrity and responsivity.

Ignition: Engagement - increasing treatment readiness SPRING 2014

High levels of resistance, denial guilt and shame are common around sexual offending. Engagement and formation of a working relationship, lowering the need for defensive resistance and developing an individual's own motivation for change, are therefore crucial to successful outcomes in sexual offender work.

Ignition: Engagement for sexual offenders is a brief intervention which:

  • Builds on proven programme success in related areas
  • Helps individuals accept responsibility
  • Enhances motivation for change
  • Can increase suitability and readiness for treatment
  • Begins the process of moving to action and goal setting

Two programme variants will be available, combining Motivational Interviewing with offence-specific materials to work either:

  • One to one
  • Group settings

Ignition: Engagement can act as a 'stand alone' motivational preparation to improve treatment readiness for treatment intervention, with accredited sexual offending programmes.

Ignition: Treatment for sexual offending SUMMER 2014

This structured but flexible programme model builds on the motivation developed in Ignition: Engagement for sexual offenders, enabling a worker to:

  • Build a case formulation
  • Develop a semi-tailored treatment programme
  • Meet research-based needs for this client group
  • Develop practical concrete skills
  • Develop empathy and perspective taking

The programme is extremely practical and concrete, using the meaningful and safe experiential learning methods in which Ignition are experts.

Our programme training packages provide:

  • All programme materials, management & full theory manual
  • Integrated package of training & support
  • Training offered in-house at your agency
  • Dates arranged at your convenience
  • Trainee numbers negotiable

Please contact us to discuss your interest in these programmes.