A fond farewell to Estonian substance misuse?

A fond farewell to Estonian substance misuse?

This month, Ignition delivered the final tranch of consultancy support and coaching for the Strength to Change (D&A) project we have been developing and delivering since September 2015.

After international competeition, Ignition was selected to train criminal justice staff in a group and one-to-one varient of our innovative programme for substance misuse. With Motivational Interviewing at their heart, the programmes go further in integrating Ignition's unique psychological, therapeutic and experiential applied theatre working than ever before.

Dr Mark Farrall, Director, said: "It was an emotional week. We focussed on the self as the instrument of chnage, and on self-compasison, mindfulness and presence, rather than the more 'technical' aspects of the programme materials.

Our trainee groups have done so well with the massive demands of this project, taking on a new skills set and a new model of person-centred, strengths-based working which to some degree remains alien to the wider system.

These two years have been a pleasure and privilege to watch people move from practitioner trainer, through assessment, to supervisor and trainer training. We have made some real friends, and been gratified to be part of a pioneering movement that could change the face of criminal justice rehabilitative practice in Estonia. We wish them all the best as they move forward from here."