Case Studies

Stonham Worcester: Domestic abuse perpetrator group work

Stonham Worcester: Domestic abuse perpetrator group work

This case study illustrates how clients often become 'champions' of Ignition, promoting the company's work over years because they know its quality.

Stonham/Home Group is the largest third-sector provider of housing stock in the UK, managing over 52,000 homes. Historically, Home Group has been a major provider of support services to victims of domestic violence and abuse, but had no organised provision for intervention work with the abusive individuals themselves.

In 2003 Ignition trained an inter-agency cohort in South Tyneside in the Action for Change group programme for non-convicted domestic abuse perpetrators (see case study on STDAPP). 

Promoting quality

By 2008, Roz Walker who had been Coordinator at the South Tyneside project, was Domestic Abuse Coordinator for Worcestershire Domestic Violence Forum. Roz headed a Perpetrator Programme Task Group for the Forum, looking to establish such a programme in Worcestershire. Over three years, Roz  supported the quality of Ignition’s work, saying "...I have been singing the praises of Action for Change. When Mark (Farrall) presented to the Task Group they were blown away for the detail of what Ignition could offer.”

In 2011, following a bid which featured the Action for Change model, the contract for provision of the programme was awarded to Stonham/Home Group Worcester.

Through 2011 Ignition trained a large cohort of staff in elements of the A-Z menu of services offered by Ignition:

  • Core Motivational Interviewing training for engagement of men and facilitation of change
  • One-to-one Pre Group engagement programme
  • The RADAR (Risk Assessment of Domestic Assault Record)
  • Core programme featuring Ignition’s unique brand of highly effective ‘action’ techniques

2014 update: Doing what it says on the tin

In 2014 Mark Farrall (no relation), a facilitator on the Action for Change programme said:

“The training I attended for Action for Change is amongst the best I have ever experienced. Over three years I have personally witnessed the powerful effects that the programme has on the men who attend. In particular, I have found the ‘active’ aspects of the programme to be especially effective.

Motivational Interviewing is a foundational aspect of the programme, and as a result of using this approach I have witnessed men making their own powerful arguments in favour of their letting go of using abusive behaviours. MI recognises that people are more likely to be persuaded by what they hear themselves say, so when they argue for their own change they are more likely to implement it.

In my experience, Action for Change ‘does what it says on the tin’ and exponentially increases the chances that the men who attend will make positive, and most importantly, sustainable, changes in their behaviour.”