Case Studies

Health MI: Increasing skills for specialist doctors

Health MI: Increasing skills for specialist doctors

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a well-recognised, evidence-based intervention for heath settings and an identified area for Continuing Professional Development for Speciality doctors and Associated Specialists (SAS) staff.

With the growth in popularity of MI, but lack of quality control, many providers now offer 'Motivational Interviewing' training: the problem facing Dr. Melanie Epstein, Associate Specialist Community Paediatrician and SAS Lead for Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, was finding a provider able to deliver 'fidelity' and quality in MI.

The real thing

Dr. Epstein said "Previously I had encountered some [MI] training by lecture, which raised resistance by being very directive, and I was keen to ensure people received usable skills and felt that they could actually 'do MI', having a chance to practise the skills. A little research showed Dr. Farrall had been invited to present in MI at the Infant and Toddler Forum, and had a clear background and extensive experience in Motivational Interviewing training for Health"

Success: Quality and usefulness

Dr. Epstein commissioned Ignition to deliver a one-day event - Brief  Motivational Interviewing: Health Behaviour Change. Expectations expressed by attendees included:

  • Gaining practical skills
  • Consideration of flexible use - in hospital or community settings, pain management etc.
  • Wider applications to management or staff
  • Exploring MI in a bit more depth - gaining practical skills
  • Increasing confidence with MI

Evaluation showed 100% of attendees were Satisfied or Very Satisfied and felt that expectations were Very Much or Totally met. 100% of attendees would also recommend the training to colleagues.

Dr. Epstein concluded: "Colleagues and I were extremely pleased with the quality and delivery of the training. It was a pleasure to be taught real skills one can use in one's job. I am looking forward to our follow-up days where we will apply the MI skills to supervision settings."