Case Studies

Moving away from the camps: Estonian Ministry of Justice

Moving away from the camps: Estonian Ministry of Justice

in 1993, after decades of Soviet occupation, the Estonian criminal justice system was very much constructed on the Soviet ‘work camp’ model, with a high focus on security and punishment and much less on rehabilitation.

Linked to negotiations to gain membership of the European Union, the Estonian Ministry of Justice was seeking a provider of Motivational Interviewing (MI) training for a pilot cohort of prison psychologists as part of an initiative to render the system more ‘Western’ and increase both the focus on and skills for rehabilitation.

Following competition in open international tender ignition was commissioned to:
  • Develop and deliver a bespoke training package in MI
  • Develop and deliver skill development training
  • Provide coaching support over a six month period
  • Develop an effective and replicable assessment and certification framework 

Kersti Jakobi of the Estonian Ministry of Justice, and responsible for the overseeing of the project said: 
“We are so grateful for this work and for the wonderful training – we are very very lucky to receive this. The students have to say only good things!”


Inga Karton, psychologist,  was one of the attendees on this first course in 2003. In October 2014 Inga attended the MINT Training New Trainers (TNT) event in Atlanta, USA, as a trainer. Inga has played a leading role in the development of MI in Estonia, leading the first Estonian TNT training and greatly aiding ignition in the company's work in Estonia. We are proud that Inga claims the inspiration provided by ignition over ten years ago, and since, has helped her to these achievements.