Amanda Bremble Biography

B. Tech, PhD

Amanda Bremble

Dr Amanda Bremble is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience of devising & delivering training, supervision and consultation to a range of professional groups including Welsh Government, health and social care, the independent sector & police.

Amanda has:

  • Over a decade's experience in the application of MI to family work
  • Comprehensive experience of work force development and accreditation
  • A history of successful and innovative service design

Maximising family functioning

As part of the CAMHS Team providing a community based service to children and adolescents in the island of Guernsey, Amanda developed a psychological service to children in the Looked After Children system, their families & carers as well as to the professional support system. This focussed on the safe return of children and rehabilitation of families.

Option 2

Amanda was instrumental with Rhoda Emlyn-Jones (OBE) in developing the Option 2 joint initiative in Cardiff between Children's Services & Adult Services in 2003. This intervention was for families at risk of immediate family breakdown due to child protection concerns relating to parental substance misuse.

Option 2 is a strengths-based way of working founded in Motivational Interviewing as a core approach, and in 2008 was awarded the National Community Care Award for Innovation in Child Protection. Since 2006 Amanda has developed the training arm of Option 2 devising & delivering training across the UK.

Integrated Family Support Service

Since 2010 Amanda has worked with the Welsh Government in supporting the development of the Integrated Family Support Services (IFSS) initiative. The IFSS aims to bring together Health, Social Care and the Independent sector across child and adult services. The vision is to effect transformational change, with a common language and skills base, working in an outcome focussed way with the child's needs at the centre. Amanda has worked on an all-Wales basis to support the development of the IFSS across Wales from aspiration to execution, through:

  • Development and delivery of IFSS training programmes
  • Mentoring of IFSS teams
  • Developing and supporting accreditation frameworks
  • Developing and supporting the wider workforce development plan

Amanda brings to ignition a deep insight and understanding of respectful, effective, outcomes focussed work with families.